Saturday, July 21, 2018

How to use “ok Google” hotword to work when the Screen is Off (root)

In this article, I will be showing you how to use google "ok google" hotword detection when screen is off. This amazing feature is only available for selected high end phones for eg Moto X.

This feature has the ability to listen to "ok google" when display is off so that it can listen to voice command. This feature comes very handy when you have to search anything in google but you are traveling in a car or you are doing something in which you can’t access your smartphone.

In General, you only can hotword detection feature if your device screen is On or your device is connected to the charger so the main thing is that you can’t use this feature when your mobile screen is Off. So basically, this guide will help you to use this feature even when your screen is Off or you aren’t connected to the charger.

How to force “ok google” hotword to work when the Screen is Off (root)


  • Rooted phone 
                A rooted phone gives you full control of your own mobile and it comes with full responsibility.
                Enable Voice detection in Google Search app settings.
                Browse intents and import "Google Now Voice Search" intent.

All Set!!

Import this Project File in Tasker.

Warning: Variable okGoogleEnabledOnPower=false will drain your battery faster.

To use only while charging and display is off use okGoogleEnabledOnPower=true

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